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The Organic Stores was established in 1996, created by Dawn & Allan - a couple who were passionate about the organic industry and caring for the environment. We’re Ele and Neal, and we became the new owners in 2016! We have been continuing the message of making organic food available and affordable in the area. We are a family run business and all our team are passionate about organic, nutritional foods and environmentally friendly products. In spring 2021 we relocated from Sealand Road to Mold and in our new premises we are still meeting these key principles with our extensive ranges:

Always Organic:
- We only buy organic fresh produce which is certified organic
- 99% of all our other food products are organic and always natural
- Our organic range includes fresh fruit & veg, eggs, meat, dairy, frozen food, vegan products, alcohol & more

Environmentally Friendly:
- Organic foods never use synthetic chemicals or fertilisers, saving much harm to the planet and wildlife - We buy local when possible. We support and work with several local certified organic farmers to make our produce as fresh as possible, whilst keeping down our food miles
- We offer an extensive zero waste section for liquid refills
- Our fruit & veg is loose with almost zero plastic
- We offer an organic refill station with lentils, grains, nuts & much more
- We offer a wide range of planet friendly household and beauty products

Personal Service
- We offer a friendly service, catering to your individual needs
- Don’t stock it? Ask if we can!
- We were proud to support our customers throughout the 2020 lockdowns
- Home Delivery available in several areas or collect your prepared order at our store (click here to see our delivery page)

About us
About us


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Organic Food Stores

We are The Organic Food Stores!

We specialise in delivery and supply of organic food products, produced by local farmers.

With 20 years of combined business experience, we are proud to exclaim our consideration as one of the best Organic Food Stores in the business.



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